SAFire – Biofuel Drop-in Fireplace

From: R8,495

The SAFire Biofuel Drop-in Fireplace can be positioned in a variety of creative settings for a warm display of dancing light. It can be installed in any wind free, covered, indoor area. Create a pathway of light or position it within a ’floating’ kitchen countertop, or entertainment area ledge. It installs easily into any non-flammable plinth or counter. It’s a great option for enhancing the ambience of any area in your home, restaurant, and hotel.

It’s very easy to use; it doesn’t give off harmful emissions and there is no need for a flue, chimney, or a bearing-wall. While it provides some heat, the warmth is not enough to be felt in a large room and therefore it should not be used as the main source for heating the room. Bioethanol fireplaces are an excellent solution for interior and exterior design in all sized areas.

It features a rectangular container which safely stores the biofuel. The flame is extinguished using a movable cursor, which can be slid across to close off the air inlets. Caution should be taken to never add fuel to a bioethanol fireplace when the unit is hot. Always wait for it to cool before refilling.

Choose between black, or stainless-steel.

The SAFire Biofuel Drop-in Fireplace is a ‘made-to-measure fire solution’. ‘Special orders and custom made’ lengths are available if you want a specific length not offered here. Please keep in mind that custom orders will take time to manufacture, and you can expect a waiting period.

The SAFire Biofuel Drop-in comes with a 1-year limited warranty on movable parts (excludes rust). It is manufactured in South Africa.

Weight 0.0 kg
Dimensions (d x w x h): 500 Model

22.5 x 50 x 20cm

Dimensions (d x w x h): 800 Model

22.5 x 80 x 20cm

Dimensions (d x w x h): 1000 Model

22.5 x 100 x 20cm

Dimensions (d x w x h): 1200 Model

22.5 x 120 x 20cm

Output kW

500 Model: 4kW, 800 Model: 5.4kW, 1000 Model: 5.6kW, 1200 Model: 6kW

Heating Area

500 Model: 38m2, 800 Model: 52m2, 1000 Model: 54m2, 1200 Model: 58m2

Heating Area range


Energy Source


1000 mm, 1200 mm, 500 mm, 800 mm