Pure Stoves

Pure Stoves is a range of modern and classical designed fireplaces and cookers. The fireplaces are manufactured in Bulgaria, Europe, at a family-owned business, which has been popular within the EU market for heating, for over 23 years. Pure Stoves focuses on providing affordable heating solutions that don’t break the bank. The brand is a ‘budget’, entry brand of fireplaces. It is affordable, because every model is designed to use a flue adapter, which fits a smaller flue kit. This lowers the overall cost, and it has been achieved without compromising on product quality. This brand is the perfect solution to owning an affordable fireplace.

Pure Stoves are designed for cooking, and heating. Fireplaces with a cast-iron top have a cooking plate so that meals can be prepared while heating your home. The fireplaces heat through radiation and convention, and burn dry wood, coal, or briquettes as fuel.

All the models for both cooking and heating are closed combustion units. They come with 2mm, thick, front, steel panels and 1.5mm, thick, steel, side panels. The combustion chambers are lined with 30mm, thick, Chamotte fireproof bricks called ‘Roka”, which are imported from Greece. All comes with German Schott Glass Windows, and FKI Hungarian high heat paint, suitable for temperatures of up to 650°C.

Models feature Primary and Secondary combustion. There is a chimney damper which aids additional chimney draught regulation and further controls the burning rate of the fireplace.

All fireplaces are CE and BDS certified and meet strict EU regulations and manufacturing requirements to ensure superior value and complete safety. Pure Stove models comply with EN12815 fireplace standards and come with a limited 6 months warranty.

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