The Sentinel range is well established in the South African market and features an elite range of high quality, well-engineered, efficient, cast iron and steel fireplaces in designs that range from traditional to contemporary.

The hand-constructed, multi-fuel Ottawa series features clean lines made from 10 mm steel tops, 5 mm steel sides and cast-iron doors. The Ottawa series delivers a reliable source of heat with an accurate degree of control and high efficiency. An advanced tertiary clean burn system results in a re-burn of the initial smoke emission, ensuring greater efficiency and lower fuel consumption. Fireplaces range from 6 kW to 14 kW heat outputs and are suitable for installation within a wide range of interiors.

The 934 Grande, with a 14 Kw output, and the 033 and 034 Square suit both modern and traditional interiors. The Evo 5 is a classically styled, cast-iron model with a large, horizontal window.

Sentinel fireplaces are manufactured and imported from the Jiangsu Province in China and have a three-year limited warranty.

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Showing 1–12 of 25 results