Northern Flame

Welcome to the GC Fires home brand. The Northern Flame Range offers quality closed combustion fireplaces with a high kW range and prices that won’t break your budget.

The Vesta is our state of the art, luxury, wood-burning, closed combustion insert fireplace. It features a modern, sleek design with a cast iron combustion chamber and a removable ash pan. It’s available with an ‘optional extra’ fan kit with a thermostatically controlled fan. ‘Optional extra’ hot air ducting can be installed to heat adjacent rooms with forced ventilation. The larger Vesta 90 comes with an 8.1 – 23.8 kW range, while the Vesta 70 comes with a 5.9 -18.2 kW range making them suitable for heating a wide range of interiors.

The Kenna is an entry level, wood-burning insert with a modern, minimalist design that comes in 2 sizes. It’s a dynamic model that can be transformed into a freestanding unit with an ‘optional extra’ stand. It comes with a Vermiculite combustion chamber lining for extra heat accumulation. The Primary air, Secondary air and the Air wash system are all controlled with one lever for user friendly operation. The larger Kenna 82 comes with a 5.6 – 28.1 kW range while the Kenna 65 comes with a 4.8 – 14.8 kW range.

All 4 insert models feature a large glass window with an opaque black border which adds to their designer look. The doors open from the right, but can be reattached to open from the left. The door handles are removable and work like ‘cold handles’; however they can also be permanently attached. They come with their own convection boxes for an easy installation with a clean finish. Heat is diffused by radiation and convection through the front and the exterior of the fireplaces.

The Northern Flame Range is engineered to conform to EU standards and regulations, and is designed for strength and durability. Units have been tested according to the strictest international safety standards. The range is imported from Greece and comes with a 2 year limited guarantee.

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results