Hydrofire offers a modern, stylish range of wood-burning fireplaces from Europe that are amongst the best in their class. They offer unbeatable value for entry-level fireplaces, are easy to operate and will give you joy for many years to come.
The range includes hydronic (water-based) models such as the Deluxe E, Rubin, Nero Lux and Ray Max B (all installed in our showroom). If you want a splash of colour, have a look at the Rubin or Nero Lux Ivory. For a view of the fire, look at the freestanding Bavorov and the Nova 4-glass or the Strasburg Side Glass insert. Wall-mounted units like the Nova and Bavorov are great if you want a clean, minimalist look and an eye-catching installation. For a smaller unit with a great kW output, consider the Deluxe L, the Ray or the Deluxe LG.

The fireplaces have primary and secondary air control and ash pans, which makes operation and cleaning easy. The steel units come with cast-iron grates and the combustion chambers are lined with vermiculite fire brick. This brand is one of our top sellers.

Hydrofire offers great after-care service. Their steel fireplaces, imported from Bulgaria and Greece, carry a two-year limited warranty, while the cast-iron units from the Czech Republic and Spain carry a five-year limited warranty.

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