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When you purchase one of our products, it’s the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. GC Fires takes providing customer service and support to both prospective and existing customers very seriously. It’s where we excel. So, if you have any questions regarding our products or you require assistance in any other way; feel free to contact us. Any time!

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What is a closed combustion fireplace and why is it so much better than an open fireplace ?

Closed combustion fireplaces are sealed by a door. This ‘sealed combustion’ allows you to control the airflow into your fireplace, so you can increase the temperature in the combustion chamber and control the burning efficiency.

Try that with an old-fashioned fireplace! Did you know that open fireplaces often achieve only 15% efficiency? That means every time you throw that pricey rooikrans wood on your fire, 85% of its energy literally goes up in smoke.

This, while a modern closed combustion fireplace achieves an average of 60–80% efficiency.

We understand this is kind of a hot take, but we think closed combustion fireplaces are simply superior to any open fireplace. Think of the advantages: more heat, less wood; better efficiency; and best of all, you keep the warmth and comfort and can even adjust it.

The emissions from an open fire are also much higher, as the open fire emits 15 times more CO2 and 50 times more fine-particle pollutants than a closed combustion wood-burning fireplace. Choosing a closed combustion fireplace is the more environmentally friendly option.

Lastly, but very importantly: because the firebox is closed, your fire can burn when you’re not present without the danger of sparks presenting a fire risk.

Which is better: a cast iron fireplace or a plate steel fireplace? And how long do they last?

The honest and simple answer is that they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

How valuable is your time? Cast iron takes longer to heat up but can retain the heat for longer, while steel heats up quicker but loses heat quicker when the fire has died.

Do you like to be in control? Some entry-level cast iron fireplaces do not offer the same levels of control over the airflow into the firebox as the plate steel, as the cast iron parts miss the precision at which they are manufactured .

How do you rate price vs. quality? Steel fireplaces allow for more contemporary designs than cast iron, which is why steel fireplaces have become so popular over the years. Steel fireplaces manufactured of slightly thinner plate steel (≤ 3mm) are less expensive too, but will not last as long as cast iron.

These days, with advanced CNC technology, the majority of manufacturers are moving towards steel.

To make a long story short: there is little to choose from between steel and cast iron. If you purchase either from a reputable company, you will more than likely be happy to wave the flag for either, no matter which fireplace you buy.

If you ask us, we recommend a steel stove with cast iron internal parts and a cast iron door, as we like the more contemporary style and robustness that the cast iron offers. But hey, that’s just us. The decision is yours.

Can you ship/deliver my fireplace?

Yes, absolutely.

We can deliver to all parts of South Africa and to other SADEC countries upon request.

Delivery of fireplaces is free of charge to all the big cities in South Africa. All other items and locations are quoted on request.

All deliveries come on a wooden pallet and, depending on your order, may weigh as much as 150kg or more. These heavier deliveries are very different from standard courier deliveries.

Please visit the ‘Shipping & Delivery’ section at the bottom of your screen for details about heavier deliveries.

Can you take care of the installation?

Yes, we can!

In Cape Town, we have our own dedicated installation team, professionally trained and very experienced. More often than not, they can install your fireplace within one or two days.

In other areas of South Africa, we’ll hook you up with our trusted installation partners. These are carefully selected individuals and companies who can assist you in your area.

Lastly, for the techies out there, we can provide you with detailed information if you want to do the work yourself – you may find that installing a fireplace is not as difficult as you thought.

Please visit the ‘Installations & maintenance’ section at the bottom of your screen for details.

What is the correct size fireplace for my house?

In theory, this is not too difficult to answer, but we’ll need to use a little math. (Don’t worry, we’ll do the calculations if you want.)

All closed combustion fireplaces carry a kilowatt rating, and we calculate how much area can be heated by applying a common formula used throughout the fireplace industry.

The room’s length x depth x height = cubic metres (m3).

The cubic volume of the room (m3) divided by 25 = the kilowatt rating of the fireplace needed to heat the room volume.

In other words, you require 1 kilowatt for every 25 cubic meters.

Do you do site visits?

Yes, we are more than happy to visit. However, because we supply fireplaces countrywide, we can’t visit every location due to the long distances involved.

We love South Africa, but it is BIG!

Also, during the busy winter season we sometimes do not have the staff immediately available to do a site visit, but we will accommodate your request as soon as possible.

We charge R450 for a site visit, which will be deducted from the amount quoted upon placing your order with us.

Our sales consultants are experienced and do all their quoting via email, based on the information supplied. This the most straightforward way to get a quote from us.

Don’t forget: Quotes are free of charge!

How do you ensure that my quote is accurate?

We have more than 25 years of experience in this field, and we are an honest company that takes pride in our work.

An experienced sales consultant will design your flue pathway free of charge and carefully assemble the quote based on the information supplied.

Each part quoted for is listed individually, so you can see in detail what we think you will need for a successful installation.

Any flue parts not used during the installation will be refunded in full to you by GC Fires without any deductions.

However, sometimes we encounter an unforeseen situation that requires extra parts. If you want to get technical, the most common example is when roof trusses block the flue pathway and bends are required to offset the flue. When this happens, the installers will point it out and discuss it with you before proceeding.

The extra parts will be noted on the job card and can be paid for afterwards with the installation cost.

Please visit the ‘Quotes & Orders ’ section at the bottom of your screen for more details.

Where are you located, and do you have a showroom?

Our showroom and warehouse are situated off the N2 just outside of Cape Town, at 39 Delson Circle in the Somerset West Business Park.

Click here for Google Maps.

We have a large showroom floor for viewing, with closed combustion fireplace models of most of the ranges, as well as a number of installed and operational fireplaces.

In addition to the closed combustion fireplaces, you can view pellet stoves, ceramic fire pots, (portable) pizza ovens, gas and wood braais, our stainless steel flue kits and many accessories.

Our office, showroom and warehouse are open Monday to Friday, 8am–5pm.

On Saturdays, our office and showroom are open from 8am to 12pm, but our warehouse is closed.

Click here for our contact details.