Meet our Staff

Meet our vibrant, dynamic and knowledgeable team of fireplace and braai experts, and installation artisans. We work hard, we have fun and we love satisfied customers!

Front Office

    Front house receptionist

    ….. is most often your first point of contact when you phone or visit GC Fires. Her bubbling laughter can be heard throughout the day as she oversees our front house reception. She is responsible for shipping, courier logistics and general invoicing, and she runs our reception like a tight ship. You are likely to speak with her at some point during your journey with GC Fires.

    Data capturing and website management

    ….. is the latest member of our hard-working office team. She oversees background changes to the website and the data capturing of all our accounts. She’s creative, has a sparkling personality, and comes with a background in graphic design.

    Sales Consultant

    …. is one of our sales consultants. She is a dedicated expert in closed combustion fireplaces, tricky installations, and gas inquiries. She has an extraordinary memory and always goes the extra mile for our clients.

  • SEAN
    Sales consultant

    ….is one of our sales consultants. He is a specialist in closed combustion fireplaces and oversees our wood and gas braai department. He’s an absolute gem and has a background in client service and hospitality. Our clients love his good-natured, dependable, polite and efficient service.

    Sales consultant

    ….is one of our sales consultants. He is a specialist in closed combustion fireplaces, wood and gas braais, and the technical aspects of installation. His good wit and gift for humour make the hours of the day pass quickly. He has a background in sales.

    Product research / Owner

    ….. is responsible for product research, website text, and product training. She’s an avid hoarder of technical data and oversees the daily operations of our showroom. Her job description remains fluid and dynamic, as she fills the gaps in the overall running of GC Fires. She has been part of the GC Fires team from the very beginning.


    …. is the founder and owner of GC Fires. He was born in The Netherlands and immigrated to South Africa about 20 years ago. He has a genuine passion for people and is loved by most who meet him and all who work for him. His smile always reaches his eyes. He runs the company by adhering to European standards, with a high focus on customer care. Do you want to know how the GC Fires Story started? Click here

Technical Team

    Head of warehouse

    …… is in charge of our warehouse and is an expert in logistics. He keeps himself busy by preparing orders and refurbishing fireplaces. You’ll often find him suited-up in the spray booth with a smile on his face as he works his magic.


    …… has been working at GC Fires from the very beginning. He is our head installer and has more than 20 years of experience and 1 000s of installations under his belt. He is a patient man and a perfectionist at work. He takes all our novices under his experienced wing and teaches them the ropes. If Desmond tells you it’s possible, it can happen.


    …. has been working as an installer for GC Fires for the last five years and has proven to be a skilled professional. He is efficient and very meticulous in his job. He was trained by the best, after all! He has a background in electrical training. When he is not spending time with his family, he is dropping cool tunes as a DJ in the Helderberg.

    Junior Installer

    …… is our newest member on the installation team. He is a talented technician and a quick learner, with a background in cooling systems and construction. He’s a real stand-up guy, with a dependable, jolly demeanour, and he is always the first one to lend a hand.