Terms & Conditions

Website and prices

  1. The prices on our website can change at any moment and without warning.
  2. All prices on our website are subject to confirmation by quote and are valid for 1 week and subject to availability (errors and omissions excepted).
  3. We take great care with all the information we display on our website however please contact us if you are not sure about anything as mistakes do happen and interpretations may differ. Also note that any information regarding a product, price or an installation needs to be confirmed in writing. Any information and/or prices mentioned verbally require confirmation in writing.

Shipping and delivery

  1. We will only be able to start preparing your order for dispatch once we have received and processed your payment in full.
  2. Your goods are insured while in transit at no extra cost but there is an excess per occurrence of 3.2% of your invoice amount.
  3. Please allow us 2-3 working days to prepare your order and 2-3 workings for the delivery. We will keep you updated by email on the progress. If possible we will deliver sooner.


  1. We will only be able to release your order for installation once we have received and processed 90% of your payment.
  2. The remaining 10% is payable upon satisfactory completion of the work.
  3. Our installers will ask you to sign a job card upon completion which will record if any extra materials have been used or when materials are being returned.
  4. We design your installation and/or flue kit free of charge, and according to the manufacturers’ guidelines and legal requirements if applicable. We do this to the best of our ability based on the information available to use either from the photographs and/or measurements supplied by you the client, or from building plans or site visits. Regardless of who supplied the information, it’s always possible that on the day of the installation you require extra materials and this will always be charged for, however we never do this without getting your approval first. Any materials not used on the day of installation will be refunded in full and will be subtracted by us from the installation fee due.
  5. Any materials not used in an installation undertaken by GCFires will be refunded in full.
  6. We can’t take responsibility for any installations that are done by 3rd parties, or any installations not done in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines and/or legal requirements, as this could lead to the product guarantee become null and void.
  7. We have liability insurance for your peace of mind and ours.
  8. Please view our Covid 19 protocol here.


  1. You are entitled to return the goods to us (at your expense) subject to the terms of the CPA, after inspection once the goods arrive at your home – prior to installation (except for specially manufactured, ordered or sprayed items – see below). We will then offer you the choice of exchanging the goods or a refund. You can read more about our return policy here.
  2. Please note that the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) protects both the consumer and the supplier during the purchase of our goods. Under the act, your option to return purchased goods is waived once the goods have been installed at your property.
  3. Specially manufactured, ordered or sprayed items are non-refundable, so please ensure you are happy with your purchase before ordering these items.

Customer care, warranties and guarantees

  1. All our installations are guaranteed for 12 months against workmanship defects and this guarantee covers the labour and parts. However, we may charge a call out fee to cover travel costs. This is at the discretion of GC Fires and depends on the kind of claim and the distance to be travelled.
  2. Any customer care issues like goods being damaged in transport or warranty issues have to be done so in writing and should be accompanied by photographs where possible. You can do so by email or via our website here.
  3. We will only consider warranty and guarantee issues if your account is fully paid and no money is due.
  4. Warranties for braais, fireplaces and flues are issued by the suppliers of these brands and can be anything from 1 to 10 years. Its important to understand that these warranties are limited in the sense that there is no warranty on the paint, glass windows and fire rope. The internal parts of a braai / fireplace like grid and ashtray are also excluded or for a more limited period then the main warranty depending on the brand you choose. Secondly, the life span of your fireplace / braai and flues is depending on how you use it. Over-firing (making the fire too hot) and using wet wood (leading to more rust then normal) will reduce the life span and can invalidate your warranty with the suppliers completely in extreme cases. Please read the general booklet on how to use your fireplace that GCFires supplies carefully and follow the guidelines in the brand manual supplied by the manufacturer.
  5. Stainless steel flues / braais are not impervious against corrosion (e.g. rust) and the warranty excludes this. In certain circumstance corrosion can appear within 12 months and the only solution to prevent this is to clean the surfaces with warm water regularly.