Charnwood is the ‘Ferrari brand’ of closed combustion fireplaces. With over 50 years of experience, Charnwood stoves offer the best that the UK has to offer. Their fireplaces are manufactured and designed in the UK, out of British raw materials. Charnwood has built a unique reputation for top quality and innovation. They engineer using the latest technology.

All models come with the patented ‘Quattro flow air-management system’ for extra efficiency and a clean burn. This system produces more heat with less wood, and the fireplace is controlled by a single lever. All models are environmentally friendly, with exceptionally low smoke emissions. Most models are wood-burning, but there are a few multifuel models available. As with most European fireplaces, there is an optional external air intake. Charnwood uses a mixture of boiler plate steel and cast iron to get the best of both worlds. The fireboxes are 5mm plate steel and the doors are cast iron. All models come with a multi-functional tool and ‘warm-to-the touch’ handles. Favourites in this brand are Cove 3 (installed in our showroom) and the double-door Island 3. Their latest models the Arc, Skye and Aire.

Charnwood fireplaces come standard in black and are available in seven additional special-order colours. Coloured models are pre-ordered individually at an additional cost. The standard stainless steel flue kit can be sprayed the same colour as the fireplace, also at an additional charge. All special orders take up to eight weeks and require a 50% deposit, with no refunds. Charnwood offers a ten-year limited guarantee on their fireplaces.

Charnwood UK are ensuring that every Charnwood Stove leaving the UK is Eco-Design 2022 compliant. The 2022 regulations aim to reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality throughout Europe. To ensure compliance, all Charnwood stoves have either been completely re-designed or substantially modified. The UK has its own industry standard called ‘clearSkies’, with accreditation levels 1-5. A ‘clearSkies’ certified stove demonstrates the appliance meets and exceeds the upcoming Eco-Design 2022 standards. The BLU badge is used by Charnwood to mark and identify their stoves meeting and exceeding (in some cases substantially) these 2022 standards. On some models, the ‘BLU’ conversion has meant that certain units are now wood burning only. Eco-Design 2022 regulations come into effect for Europe on the 1 January 2022. As of 01 January 2022, all Charnwood models sold in S.A will be BLU versions.  Eco-Design 2022 shifts the focus to sustainable fuels rather than fossil fuels, which is beneficial for our planet.

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results