Fireplace Installations Cost Estimates

Have a look at the drawings below and see for yourself which installation is most applicable to your situation. All fireplace installations are eventually unique, but the scenarios will give you an indication of the cost. Please ensure that you supply us with 2 photographs and any further information that we might require for your specific installation. This information should include details such as whether you require a floor plate; the make and model of your fireplace; whether we are installing on the ground or first floor; measurements floor to ceiling; measurements ceiling to the apex of your roof; your full address and your contact details.

We also advise that you have an annual chimney sweep. We encourage you to book this during the months of November to March. Our peak fireplace installation period is between April and September, and we have extremely limited space available for chimney sweeping during this period. Do however send us your details during this period, and we will contact you in early November to schedule. We offer general services to all brands of fireplaces. Contact us for a quote –

Our work is done with the utmost care for your house. Normally, we are able to keep disruptions to a minimum and the job gets done without making a mess! For your and our peace of mind, we have liability insurance.

All prices are subject to confirmation and subject to our terms and conditions.