SAFire gas firepits are produced locally by people who know how to enjoy fire outdoors!

The range showcases top quality, freestanding firepits with modern designs. All are suitable for convenient and comfortable, designer heating. No matter which model you choose…It will be sure to please!

The range is manufactured for outdoor use on level surfaces or in entertainment rooms with ventilation. They make a warm addition to any occasion and evening by adding enchantment and ambient light.

This range is especially perfect for the outdoor season for restaurants, weddings or for romantic evenings at home out on the wooden deck. These firepits can be re-positioned to make eye-catching centerpieces, room dividers or to create dedicated social gathering points at events and parties.

They came in an array of designer shapes and in an assortment of neutral colours. These firepits make a safe and functional, designer gas solution. They are convenient and easy to use, with low gas consumption, and they are environmentally friendly.

SAFires offers a 1-year limited warranty on the firepit’s movable parts like the valve, the control and the pilot light. The warranty does exclude rust. Choose gas for consistent, constant heat and temperature control.

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Showing 1–12 of 37 results