Canature fireplaces are modelled on Canadian design and technological features and are assembled in China. This brand offers a full range of quality mild-steel freestanding and insert wood-burning fireplaces.

Top-selling models are the P10, P11, Taurus P3F and SI freestanding and insert models. The insert fireplaces all have clean, modern lines particularly suited to modern interiors and come with their own built-in convection boxes, which makes installation easy. All Canature fireplaces feature the latest clean-burn technology, air-wash systems and secondary combustion to ensure a very clean burn. Freestanding models come with various stand and log-holder options, so you can customise the fireplace to suit your space.

Canature offers a one-year limited warranty on all its fireplaces and a three-year warranty on the firebox and stove body. With clean lines and streamlined design, these fireplaces are a great choice. Canature also provides excellent after-sales service.

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