Built-in Fireplaces

Modern, closed combustion fireplaces are a great solution for upgrading and modernising an old-fashioned and inefficient fireplace. With closed combustion, you save up to 30% on fuel costs when compared with an open fireplace. You can control the amount of air that is fed to the combustion chamber and flue with air vents and damper systems. A built-in convection box also makes for an easy installation.

Fireplace inserts are specifically designed to minimise heat loss to the surrounding masonry, and heat is instead reflected back into the room. Incorporating a blower to force more air through the airspace can increase the flow of heated air into the living space and further decrease heat loss. This secondary flow of heated air can be directed to other parts of the house, and state-of-the-art features such as fans and thermostatic controls can be used to aid convection and quickly distribute heat throughout your home.

The installation also frees up floor space, as the fireplace is built into the existing hearth in your home or into a wall. The end result is a flush, framed, wall feature that blends into the surrounding decor without getting in the way. Our built-in range offers one-sided, three-sided and four-sided models, and double-sided glass models that optimise heat flow and offer a great view of the fire.

If you don’t have a pre-existing infrastructure or hearth, you’ll need a qualified fireplace installer and builder to create a surround for your built-in fireplace. Built-in fireplaces are well suited to living areas, bedrooms and offices, making elegant installations and eye-catching wall features.

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Showing 1–12 of 52 results