Kratki – JAS insert


The Jas insert fireplace is designed with crisp, modern lines and has a 4mm boiler plate steel construction. It displays improved performance and strength with an Accumote lined combustion chamber and baffle plate (ceramic panel internal lining), which serves the flames in their full glory, due to the white walls reflecting the light.

Even when there are only coals left the illumination is spectacular. Accumote protects the fireplace housing from warping and improves the combustion process in the fireplace, especially in the beginning of combustion and near end of it, which are important stages in the send-off of waste gasses from the fireplace.

It increases the inner temperature, thus helping optimal chimney performance and prolongs the heat accumulation after the fire goes out. Accumote reinforces the ''clean glass'' process, because the panels reflect the hot air towards the fireplace glass. The Jas also has controlled primary and secondary combustion, an air wash glass cleaning system and a top flue exit. The combustion chamber can be fuelled with 40 cm firewood logs and reaches a searing temperature of 316 degrees Celsius.

Kratki fireplaces are imported from Poland, and conform to EU standards and regulations. Designed for strength and comes with a 5 year limited guarantee.

Dimensions (depth x width x height) 38.2 × 72 × 56.5 cm
Heating Area range


Output range

Energy Source

Flue Width

150 mm





Heating Area

Output kW

3.3 – 9.9

Flue Configuration


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