Northern Flame Vesta 70


SIA 2022 Eco-Design Certified - This fireplace is compliant with the Eco-Design 2022 requirements for burning both wood and smokeless fuel. The Eco-Design scheme aims to reduce harmful emissions and it is mandatory in Europe for all stoves. Eco-Design stoves can offer a 90% reduction in particulates released when compared to an open fire, and an 80-94% reduction when compared to an old fireplace. In South Africa it is not a requirement to have an Eco-Design Ready appliance; however, those who are concerned by the impact of their consumer choices on the environment are choosing Eco-Design 2022 Ready appliances. A fireplace for now, and for the future!


The Vesta 70 is a state-of-the-art luxury insert featuring a modern, sleek design and a great price to suit all budgets! Its large Schott Robax glass window has an opaque black border which adds to its designer look. The door opens from the right but can be reattached for your convenience so that it opens from the left. The door handle is removable and works like a ‘cold handle’ but can also be permanently attached using the screw provided on the inside of the door. It comes with its own convection box which enhances convection heat and allows for an easy installation with a clean finish. This modern insert is ideal for transforming an outdated, smoky fireplace hearth with no need for specific masonry work. It’s modern design embraces efficiency, strength, durability, and luxury.

The combustion chamber is lined with durable cast iron which prolongs the heat accumulation after the fire goes out. Heat is diffused by radiation and convection through the front and the exterior of the fireplace. There are 2 air control levers below the door which give you ultimate control of the fire. One is for the Primary air, and the other is for the Secondary air and the Air wash system. It comes with Secondary combustion which improves the efficiency of the burning process; allows for less fuel usage and less exhaust emissions.  A double baffle plate of stainless steel and vermiculite has been used for improved control and regulation of the up draught. This also helps the heat stay in the combustion chamber for longer which increases the heat output. The ''clean glass'' process is also reinforced when hot air is reflected towards the glass. The Vesta has a nominal fuel consumption of 3.3kg per hour and the combustion chamber comfortably burns 30cm logs. It has a removable ash pan and a removable cast iron grate for easy cleaning.

An ‘optional extra’ external fresh air intake can be installed. An ‘optional extra’ fan kit with a thermostatically controlled fan is available (the fan stops when the fire goes out and requires an electrical connection). ‘Optional extra’ hot air ducting can be installed to heat adjacent rooms and the immediate room with forced ventilation. An ‘optional extra’ finishing frame can be ordered to give the installation a sophisticated final finish.

The Vesta 70 Insert has been tested according to strict international safety standards, and it is Eco-Design 2022 compliant and CE Certified. It is engineered to conform to EU regulations, and it has been designed for strength and durability. The Vesta is imported from Greece and comes with a 5-year limited guarantee.

Weight 133 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 50 × 69 × 56 cm
Output kW

5.9 – 18.2 kW, 12

Output range

Heating Area

Heating Area range


Energy Source

Flue Width

200 mm

Hot air duct Width

120 mm

Flue Configuration



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