Charnwood – Cranmore 7

Original price was: R44,400.Current price is: R39,960.

Comes with Charnwood’s unique BLU burning technology for enhanced efficiency, which is a vast improvement on the new 2022 Eco-design standards. BLU also meets with Defra exemption limits which allows wood to be burnt cleanly and safely in smoke control areas.

SIA 2022 Eco-Design Ready - This fireplace meets and exceeds the Eco-Design 2022 requirements for burning both wood and smokeless fuel. The Eco-Design scheme aims to reduce harmful emissions and it will become mandatory in Europe for all stoves on the 1 January 2022. Eco-Design stoves can offer a 90% reduction in particulates released when compared to an open fire, and an 80-94% reduction when compared to an old fireplace. In South Africa it is not a requirement to have an Eco-Design Ready appliance; however, those who are concerned by the impact of their consumer choices on the environment are choosing Eco-Design 2022 Ready appliances. A fireplace for now, and for the future!

ClearSkies - An independent emissions and energy performance accreditation mark for solid fuel stoves in the U.K. It builds on Eco-Design 2022 to help lower emissions and improve air quality. This fireplace meets and exceeds Eco-Design regulation standards. There are 5 accreditation levels, with 5 being the best improvement on Eco-Design.
ClearSkies 5 – At least a 30% improvement on the minimum Eco-Design 2022 criteria. The highest accreditation level, and DEFRA Exempt.

Defra Approved Stove - A Defra approved stove is an industry term for a smoke exempt fireplace which has been approved to burn specific fuels in a smoke-controlled area that would usually not be allowed (i.e., wood). The appliance has a factory-fitted modification to the Secondary air control to prevent closure beyond a 10mm open position.

The Cranmore 7 is a new, wood burning, 7kW fireplace featuring a classic design with one of the ‘largest windows for its size’ in the Charnwood range. It is wider than the Cranmore 5 and shares the same height and depth of the smaller model. The main difference is the kW output, which it almost doubled to 11kW when operating at maximum burn. It is the one of the cleanest, wood-burning fireplaces in the current Charnwood range, with a new, state-of-the-art, efficient combustion system. Its innovative burn technology ensures efficiencies of up to 82%, which exceeds the future European ‘SIA Eco-Design 2022’ regulations. It is also Defra exempt to allow for wood to be burnt cleanly in smoke-controlled areas. The Cranmore 7 is easy to operate, and it is an environmentally friendly fireplace option for heating your home.

The Cranmore 7 comes with Cleanburn Air Wash Technology and a ‘push-in and pull-out’ Quattro Flow Air Management System, which is controlled using a single lever to manage the burning rate of the fire. This ensures an exceptionally clean burn, with low smoke emissions and greater efficiency. It has a sliding fire bed for clean and easy ash removal. The combustion chamber is lined with vermiculite firebricks, and it comfortably loads 39cm logs.

There is an Air Wash Glass Cleaning System to keep your glass cleaner for longer and a ‘drop down throat plate’ (enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove). It comes with a pre-fitted, external air intake option to maximise heat retention in your room and maintain a good ‘draw’. The door comes with a durable, ‘warm-to the touch’, ergonomic handle on the side, and Schott Robax Glass.

The Cranmore 7 can be pre-ordered with an ‘optional extra’ flue boiler and a vertical rear flue adapter.
The Cranmore 7 comes in standard black, with a choice of 7 extra ‘special order’ colours (Almond, Gunmetal, Brown, Bronze, Pewter, Blue & Green). ‘Special order’ colours need to be pre-ordered, and prices may vary.

The Cranmore 7 meets the UK building requirements for installation with a 12mm non-combustible hearth. It is SIA Eco-Design 2022 Ready, comes with clean burn Blu technology, a clearSkies level 5 rating. It is also Defra certified. Imported from the Isle of Wight, the U.K. and comes with a 10-year limited guarantee.

Weight 97 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 40.3 × 53.5 × 65.1 cm
Output kW

7 (5-11)

Output range

Heating Area

Heating Area range

Energy Class


Energy Source

Flue Width

150 mm

Flue Configuration

Top and Rear



82 %


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