Charnwood C Seven

Original price was: R39,300.Current price is: R35,370.

SIA 2022 Eco-Design Ready - This fireplace meets and exceeds the Eco-Design 2022 requirements for burning both wood and smokeless fuel. The Eco-Design scheme aims to reduce harmful emissions and it will become mandatory in Europe for all stoves on the 1 January 2022. Eco-Design stoves can offer a 90% reduction in particulates released when compared to an open fire, and a 80-94% reduction when compared to an old fireplace. In South Africa it is not a requirement to have an Eco-Design Ready appliance; however, those who are concerned by the impact of their consumer choices on the environment are choosing Eco-Design 2022 Ready appliances. A fireplace for now, and for the future!

ClearSkies - An independent emissions and energy performance accreditation mark for solid fuel stoves in the U.K. It builds on Eco-Design 2022 to help lower emissions and improve air quality. This fireplace meets and exceeds Eco-Design regulation standards. There are 5 accreditation levels, with 5 being the best improvement on Eco-Design.

ClearSkies 5 – At least a 30% improvement on the minimum Eco-Design 2022 criteria. The highest accreditation level, and DEFRA Exempt.

Defra Approved Stove - A Defra approved stove is an industry term for a smoke exempt fireplace which has been approved to burn specific fuels in a smoke-controlled area that would usually not be allowed (i.e., wood). The appliance has a factory-fitted modification to the Secondary air control to prevent closure beyond a 10mm open position.

The C7 is a larger version of the C4. It’s perfect for a guest bedroom, home office or smaller lounge area. It’s a wood-burning stove with a design that suites virtually any interior space whether it be freestanding or within a traditional fireplace hearth. It’s manufactured out of boiler plate steel and comes with a cast iron door and top, and a ‘warm-to the touch’, wooden handle for safe and easy loading.

The C7 features Cleanburn Air Wash technology with a crystal-clear burn. It has remarkable air control with the easy to regulate ‘push-in and pull-out’ Quattro Flow Air Intake, which is an air management system using a single control to manage the burning rate of the fire. The combustion chamber comfortably burns 40cm logs. There is no grate as it comes with a ‘sliding fire bed - ashpan’ for clean and easy ash removal. Logs are burnt directly on this double insulated ‘Ashpan’. The drop-down throat plate enables chimney sweeping via the fireplace, and there is a pre-fitted external air intake option to maximise heat retention in the room.

As an ‘optional extra’, the C4 can be upgraded and pre-ordered with a Standard Multifuel Grate and Ashpan Kit (to replace the European 'sliding fire-bed ashpan').

The C7 comes in standard black, with a choice of 7 extra ‘special order’ colours (Almond, Gunmetal, Brown, Bronze, Pewter, Blue & Green). ‘Special order’ colours need to be pre-ordered and prices may vary.

It is SIA Eco-Design 2022 Ready, comes with a clearSkies level 5 rating, and it is Defra certified. Imported from the Isle of Wight, the U.K. and comes with a 10-year limited guarantee.

Weight 134 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 40 × 56 × 62 cm
Output kW

6 – 8

Heating Area

Heating Area range

Energy Source

Energy Class


Flue Width

150 mm

Flue Configuration

Top and Rear





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