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Please note - The installation photographs show a T-piece (90 ͦ ) installation. A condensation collector fits onto the bottom of a Y-Piece. It has a valve that allows for the drainage of moisture collected via condensation within the flue. This condensation is due to the temperature difference between the exhaust gases and the external air.

Where would you use a non-insulated Y-Piece?

  • Used where the flue has exited through a wall at an (upward) angle under 45 ͦdegrees to outside and needs to be directed upwards along the exterior wall towards the roof.
    For some flue installations within an existing brick chimney.
  • Suitable to use alongside our non-insulated single skin flues.

A good flue kit consists of both insulated and plain flue ducts, which is the industry standard. The flue piece which connects the plain flue duct with the insulated flue duct is called an insulated “end-cap”, and this item of the flue kit is installed about 300mm below ceiling level and runs into the roof space. Single skin ducts get really hot and serve as an extension of the fireplace by helping to heat your interior. Whereas an insulated duct is composed of two plain flue ducts within each other, with an insulation material between them and has a large diameter than a plain duct. An insulated duct only gets warm and this is much safer. In this way your waterproofing will be more durable as well, as the outside of the insulated flue duct will not expand and contract upon heating and cooling down like a single skin flue duct does. Lastly, an insulated duct will vastly decrease the build-up of condensation within your flue, as the insulation prevents the hot smoke from cooling down too quickly. It is therefore preferable and safer to use insulated flues once the flue duct leaves the interior of the room that is being heated.
All our flue kits include the European CE certified Atritube flue system which is imported from Greece. All Atritube flues are made from superior 0.4mm thickness, 304 grade Stainless Steel, which is suitable to withstand long term corrosion from the harsh chemicals within the flue gases of closed combustion fireplaces. These flues are seam welded and utilise a clamp method of assembly which makes drilling and pop riveting obsolete.
All stainless steel flues discolour overtime, due to a natural chemical reaction caused by exposure to 02 in the air and the heat from your fireplace. This creates ‘living art’ in your home, as the colours range from golden to amber, even purples and blues, depending on how hot your fireplace is fired. If you’d prefer something other than a ‘stainless steel look’, then you can choose to have your flues sprayed in the same colour as your fireplace i.e. black, anthracite grey, Ivory. This is done at an additional charge and needs to be pre-ordered with your fireplace.


130 mm, 150 mm

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