Northern Flame Hampton 6 Double-sided



This fireplace meets future stove regulations and exceeds the Eco-Design 2022 requirements for burning both wood and smokeless fuel. The Eco-Design scheme is an initiative to reduce harmful emissions and will become mandatory in Europe for all stoves by 2022.  Recent studies have found Eco-Design Ready stoves can offer a 90% reduction in particulates released when compared to an open fire and 80-94% reduction when compared to an old fireplace. All test results have been carried out by Kiwa Gastec in the UK. In South Africa it is not a requirement to have an Eco-Design Ready appliance; however, those who are concerned by the impact of their consumer choices on the environment are choosing Eco-Design Ready appliances. A fireplace for now, and for the future!


A Defra approved stove is an industry term for a SE (smoke exempt) fireplace which has been approved to burn specific fuels in a smoke-controlled area that would usually not be allowed (i.e., wood). The appliance has a factory-fitted modification to the secondary air control to prevent closure beyond 10mm open position.


The Ecosy+ Hampton 6 Double Sided boasts one of the lowest combined emission readings of NOx, CO and dust of any wood burning fireplace sold in the UK. It’s also one of the cleanest double-sided fireplaces sold in Great Britain. Its modern design boasts 2 doors, 2 large 34 x 30cm windows, handmade, ‘twist’ handles with wood embellishment and polished steel leavers.

It features two 30mm thick, virgin, cast iron doors, a thick steel top and sides, and a removable steel baffle plate. The vermiculite fire brick lining the combustion chamber is 30mm thick and the chamber comfortably loads 35cm logs. The Hampton 6 Double Sided is a wood-burning fireplace which doesn’t require a grate or an ash pan, as wood loves to burn on a flat brick base. Adjustable bolts on the legs aid with levelling on uneven surfaces. Included are an instruction manual and a glove for adjusting the air inlets and for opening the doors.

The Hampton 6 Double Sided is effectively ‘a stove within a stove’, where the air drawn in from the base of the fireplace is fed between two layers of steel. Under the fireplace is a simple push pull lever that gives you accurate control over the Secondary/Airwash and Tertiary burn systems all in one. Air is drawn through the base inlet and is fed over the fire through a series of holes on the baffle plate that stretches across the width of the fire. This Tertiary air helps to burn off the initial smoke and gasses produced by the fire, prior to it being released up the chimney. Heated Secondary air also flows past the holes between the twin layers of steel (either side above the doors) and is fed over the glass, keeping it cleaner for longer (Air Wash technology). When the levers are pulled out, more air is fed onto the fire. Push the lever in and the air is decreased. When the Defra screw is activated, this air vent is set so that the closure plate does not seal fully. This allows a small continuous amount of air supply into the fireplace chambers. This feature comes with all Defra “SE” fireplaces.

The Hampton 6 Double-sided is a high-end product with a SIA 2022 Eco-Design & DEFRA certification. It is manufactured according to European design in China for the U.K. market. It is CE and British standard approved by KIWA Gastec and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Weight 104 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 50 × 46.5 × 53 cm
Output kW


Heating Area

Energy Source

Energy Class


Flue Width

125 mm

Flue Configuration