NORDflam – Toria with Side Door


The Toria is the largest, cast-iron fireplace in the NORDflam product range. It is designed with a cast iron, side door, which allows you to conveniently load large logs of wood into the combustion chamber without having to open the front door. It has a very large window which gives you a fantastic view of the fire. The door handles are large and modern. The Toria is a good example of where traditional cast iron moulds have been used to create a modern, sleek look which is suitable for installation into in any home interior.

It features a long-life, cast-iron firebox interior with double-lined side and rear walls to give extra structural protection and durability, and a cast iron baffle plate. There is a multifuel riddling grate to stir up the coals; a removable ash pan for easy cleaning, and a top or rear flue connection option.  The combustion chamber comfortably loads 55cm logs and there is a protective wood guard to keep wood contained within the chamber. A deflector extends the exhaust pathway, increases heat dissipation into the room and improves efficiency.

There is Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Combustion. A Primary air control on the bottom of the door feeds air flow to beneath the fire. The Secondary air control is above the door and is used for the airwash glass cleaning system, which is an ‘air curtain’ that reduces soot build-up on the glass. The Tertiary air control is underneath the fireplace and allows for an adjustable Tertiary air supply to enter the combustion chamber via a row of air inlets on the rear chamber wall. The Tertiary air clean burns wood gases released in the combustion process and promotes the clean burning of exhaust emissions into the environment. The Toria is suitable for heating a medium to large area.

It meets Eco-Design parameters; is EN 13240 Certified and comes with an energy efficiency Index A. The Toria is manufactured and imported from Cieszyn, in Southern Poland. It comes with 2-year limited warranty on the fireplace body and firebox.

Weight 175 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 49.5 × 77.4 × 82 cm
Output kW

15 (10-15)

Heating Area

Energy Source

Flue Width

150 mm

Flue Configuration

Top and Rear




Energy Efficiency Class