Kratki – LEO 100 LP Gas Insert


The Leo 100 LP Gas insert is a built-in fireplace manufactured for improved strength and performance, with a 4mm thick steel firebox. It has a high quality, minimalist design with a wide, impressive window. The invisible frame on the front shows minimal steel, so you only see the glass and fireplace casing, while the focus remains on the flames. The model has an ‘additional option’ of choosing ceramic wooden logs or decorative white stones. The specially designed gas jet provides a realistic vision of fire similar to a wood-burning fireplace.

This closed combustion gas fireplace has both radiant and natural convection. The combustion chamber is adapted to burn with natural gas NG or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). The balanced coaxial flue pipe design ensures safety by creating a safe and fully sealed system. The fireplace automatically turns off if problems are encountered with the air/exhaust fumes, flue flow capacity or gas supply. The concentric flue system (double-walled, aerial and internal combustion flue) allows for installation without a traditional chimney. The flue can be installed out through a wall or through the roof. It comes with a LCD remote, with a built-in thermostat for automatic temperature and time control, and for flame adjustment. The unit is battery powered with 4 batteries 1.5V and does not require electricity.

The Leo 100 LP is CE certified, guarantees safety, health, and environment protection. Kratki fireplaces are imported from Poland, conform to EU standards and regulations, and are designed for strength. They come with a 5 year limited guarantee.

Weight 106 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 48.1 × 115.5 × 90.3 cm

Flue Width

100 mm/150 mm

Heating Area

Output kW

4.7 – 9.5

Flue Configuration