Hydrofire Selene


Introducing the Selene- an enduring masterpiece in the world of multi-fuel fireplaces, expertly crafted from premium cast iron. This fireplace exemplifies unwavering quality and unwavering durability, boasting a cast iron door, body, and a substantial cast iron top, radiating warmth well beyond the fading flames. With its generous, flat surface, the Selene effortlessly handles heating a kettle of water and culinary endeavour's . Within the heart of the Selene, you'll find Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Combustion systems, thoughtfully governed by precision air controls.

Primary air is funnelled through a lower door vent, stoking the fire from beneath the grate. Meanwhile, Secondary air enters from above the door, facilitating Secondary combustion and fuelling the pre-heated air wash system, ensuring a crystal-clear glass that stays cleaner for longer. Tertiary air, which ensures an even cleaner and more efficient burn, therefore making the product conform to Euro 2022 Eco Design requirements is fed through a row of holes at the back of the combustion chamber. The door is impeccably sealed with heat-resistant fire rope, while a cast iron baffle plate and a versatile multi-fuel ash riddling grate complete the ensemble.

It is very important to note that all the internal components of this fireplace which come into contact with the fire are also made of full heavy cast iron plates. This is in contrast of competitor cast iron models which sometimes utilize the not as durable fire bricks inside the combustion chamber. Handle mechanism uses a ball bearing for smooth opening and closing of the door as compared to less premium models which use a bent metal plate.

Output kW


Heating Area


62 x 46 x 72 cm

Energy Source

Flue Width

150 mm

Flue Configuration

Top and Rear



63 kg




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