Hydrofire Nova Wall Mounted side glass


The Nova Wall’s modern, wall mounted design not only defies gravity, but saves you valuable floor space, especially in a compact home. With no stand, the fire becomes the main focal feature. The result is a clean, uncluttered installation with a magnificent view of the fire from 3 sides. Perfect for minimalist décor.

The air circulation to the cast iron combustion chamber is controlled by air intake vents. Comes with a removable ash pan and a cast iron grate for easy cleaning. Comfortably burns 25cm logs.

Ideal for heating a small to medium area. Beautifully installed on an empty wall as a focal feature or in a bedroom. Have your flues sprayed black as an optional extra.

Imported from Bulgaria, boasts a strict CE certification, and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Dimensions (depth x width x height) 42.8 × 56.2 × 55 cm
Output kW

10 – 12

Heating Area range


Output range

Energy Source

Flue Configuration


Flue Width

150 mm





Heating Area

Multiple glass configuration