Home Fires – Built-in braai gas/wood combo 1500mm


Home Fires offer a 1200 and 1500 Combo unit, which combines both gas and charcoal/wood braaiing facilities within the same braai box. The Home Fires Combo Built-in Braai units combines the well-known enjoyable Home Fires charcoal or wood braai with the convenience of a gas griller by braaiing within minutes for that quick braai after work or Sunday morning brunch.

The Combo unit comes standard with two separate doors that close off the opening of the unit when not in use. The top door flap open to the top and the bottom door flaps downwards and can be used as a preparation counter.

The charcoal braai side has ample braaiing space and the Stainless Steel Gas Grill is designed with cast iron flat burners and flame-tamer vaporiser plates on top to offer a consistent heat distribution over the grilling surface, with minimal flare-ups. With some of the Stainless Steel Gas Grillers an optional solid cast iron dual-sided plate can be inserted into the space of one of the stainless steel grids to enable the user to cook more delicate and smaller foods, such as fish and vegetables. Best of all, it lets you cook a great breakfast or brunch in your gas braai.