Dovre vintage 35

Price on application

The models of the Dovre Vintage Series have a unique vintage-retro design and make a very eye-catching installation. The Vintage series consists of fireplaces in 3 different sizes and a number of accessories, including stand options, which are available for each model. The Vintage 35 is a medium sized, cast iron model in the Vintage series.

It features a high efficiency; an option to connect to an external air source and a designer, stainless steel handle with a cleverly devised locking mechanism. The combustion chamber is lined with Chamotte vermiculite firebrick, loads 35cm logs and the ash pan is removable for an easy clean. This model comes with the latest Clean Burn and Air Wash technology. Dovre stoves feature a glass aeration system that directs secondary combustion gases along the window by means of a spoiler for a window that stays clean for longer. The Vintage series comes with a top and rear flue exit option.

Vintage models are available in an anthracite painted version, or enamel finishes. The ‘optional extra’ enamel colours are creamy white (E8), olive green (E9), glossy black (E10), white-white (E12) or light grey (E14). Enamelled versions are available on order only.

Dovre is certified to CE standards; fireplaces produce a minimal environmental impact, are imported from Belgium and come with a 5 year limited warranty.

Energy Source


Heating Area range

Output range

Flue Width

150 mm





Heating Area

Output kW

7 – 9

Flue Configuration

Top and Rear