Canature Taurus P3F log holder


The Taurus P3F is available in 3 different configurations with the use of ‘log holders and a stand’, making the fireplace an uniquely versatile unit. There are 2 free standing options - 1 option with a stand under the fireplace, and a 2nd option with a log holder placed to the left or right of the centre stand. As a 3rd option you could have a stand under the fireplace with 2 extra log holders on each side flanking the centre stand. Log holders can be used to store wood, but as a safety precaution it is advised that the wood should not be stacked to the top of the stand or be allowed to come into contact with heat from the fireplace, as this could cause a fire. Extra log holders can be purchased as separate items. Log holders can be used horizontal or vertical when used in combination with other fireplace brands for wood storage.

Dimensions (depth x width x height) 51 × 82 × 38.9 cm
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Energy Source


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