Hydrofire Rubin BO


The Rubin B Boiler Fireplace features a modern design with large dimensions and ruby coloured side panels. It has convection heating, a high efficiency and kW output, and is light on fuel. A large window gives you a great view of the fire. In combination with a hot water hydronic system it can take care of your home’s central heating. A hot water hydronic system circulates cold and hot water through a series of hydronic connections between the aqueduct pipes, the terminal units and the boiler fireplace. Cold water is fed into the existing water jacket cavity within the boiler stove’s walls through an aqueduct. Heat, which is produced from the wood fire, is radiated from the combustion chamber into the water within the water jacket of the stove. This heated water then circulates out of the water jacket cavity and flows through the hydronic system, its gauges and safety valves. Water then passes through the manifolds which circulate the heated water to radiators and these radiators then heat the various rooms in the house or office though radiation. This model comes with a separate cooling coil which activates the safety value if the water temperature becomes too hot resulting in the water within the water jacket being cooled quickly without contamination or introducing air into the system. This boiler fireplace comes with a great heating capacity and is designed to heat large areas. When connected to a hot water hydronic system it can comfortably heat your entire home or office. The wide combustion chamber is lined with fire brick, and can take 40cm logs, which means you won’t have to chop wood every time you make a fire. A decorative fence stops wood from falling out. The removable cast iron grate and ash pan make for an easy clean. As an optional extra you can have the flue sprayed matt grey to match the fireplace. The price listed only includes the fireplace and all extras to make up your central heating system will have to be quoted as extras. Imported from Bulgaria, boasts a strict CE certification, and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Dimensions (depth x width x height) 43.9 × 69.2 × 85.3 cm
Energy Source

Heating Area range

Output range

Heating Area


Output kW

13 – 21

Flue Width

150 mm





Flue Configuration


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