Pure Stoves – Universal Cast-Iron Board


The Universal Cast-Iron Board is a tall, steel fireplace featuring a cast-iron top with a cooking plate. Its design incorporates a second smaller door under the main door for feeding wood logs onto the coal bed.

The steel body comes in a FKI Hungarian high heat paint finish suitable for temperatures up to 650°C.
The body is 2mm thick on the front and 1.5mm thick on the sides, which are protected by Chamotte fireproof brick. There is a rope seal behind the German Schott Robax Glass on the door. The glass is heat resistant up to 850°C. The door and ash drawer handles are Brass and Ebony coloured.

The Universal Cast-Iron Board comes with Primary and Secondary air. There are air intake vents on the ash drawer and above the glass which allow you to control the air circulation to the combustion chamber. A chimney damper on the flue aids in extra flue draught control, for an optional burning rate with better fuel use. There is an air wash glass cleaning system which helps keep your glass cleaner for longer. The combustion chamber is lined with 30mm thick Chamotte firebrick or “Roka” from Greece and comfortably loads 30cm logs. There is a removable, durable cast iron grate and a large, separate ash drawer to aid in easy cleaning. The Universal Cast-Iron Board is suited to heating a medium to large sized area.

Imported from Bulgaria, BDS and CE certifications, and comes with a 1-year limited guarantee.

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 46 × 50 × 83 cm
Output kW

9 (9-12)

Output range

Heating Area

Energy Source

Flue Width

130 mm

Flue Configuration