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Palazzetti – S25:9 Frontal


The EM S25:9 Firebox features a wide hearth and a great view of the fire.
The ceramic glass doors smoothly disappear into the slim frame when open and have an automatic glass cleaning system.

The EM S25:9 is a safe, resistant and ecological firebox that develops a remarkable thermal power and can heat an entire home all by itself. A ducted air heating system can be combined with powerful centrifugal fans and hot air is distributed to all the rooms in the home.

The cast iron hearth features sides that are lined with Magnofix, a very high heat accumulation, refractory material that optimises radiation and improves combustion - thus guaranteeing superior efficiency. These fireboxes are provided with Dual Combustion, and come standard with the patented VDF valve system, which manages the draft perfectly and saves on wood consumption. Has an hourly fuel consumption of about 5.98kg of firewood. This model fits standard firewood holders and vents.

Optional extra fan kit for extra heat circulation 680m3/h. Please note that that the ‘Optional extra’ fan can only be installed if the model stands on the extending legs. ‘Optional extra’ finishing frame for a sleek installation finish.

Is certified according to the strictest international regulations. Is imported from Italy. Comes with a 2 year limited guarantee.

Weight 315 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 53 × 135 × 154 cm

Energy Source

Flue Width

250 mm



Heating Area

Output kW

14 – 21

Flue Configuration


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