Northern Flame – R/Bolt Turbo Cowls

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R/Bolt Turbo Cowl:

Where would you use a R/Bolt Turbo Cowl?

  • Suitable to be used on top of a brick chimney, where the surface is horizontal.
  • Used to prevent rainwater and the blowback of smoke coming down the chimney.

Please ask your sales consultant what the appropriate ‘inside chimney dimensions’ should be before you build your brick chimney for your braai installation. The Northern Flame 800, 1000 and 1200 braais use an ‘inside chimney dimension’ of 350mm x 350mm. The Northern Flame 1500 braais use a 400mm x 400mm ‘inside chimney dimension’.

For installation, the horizontal flanges at the base of R/Bolt Turbo cowl can be cemented on or R/Bolts can be used to attach it.

Material:        304 Stainless steel / Electro Galvanized (Mild steel)

Sizes:              350 x 350 mm (800, 1000 & 1200 Braai), 400 x 400 mm (1500 Braai)

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