Hydrofire Thessaly


A very powerful model, the regal Thessaly is a freestanding, steel boiler stove fireplace that’s a must if you have a huge space with high ceilings that is in desperate need of heat during those cold winter months. Over and above its impressive power output, the fireplace can be used to heat the farthest rooms of the house, no matter the size. The water jacket – a cavity in the fireplace walls into which cold water can enter and hot water can exit – absorbs heat and warms up the water, which is then circulated through the house to radiators to heat various rooms. This model also comes with a separate cooling coil so that if the water becomes too hot and the safety valve is activated, the water in the jacket is cooled quickly without contamination or introducing air into the system.


All our fireplaces are imported from Europe and boast a strict CE certification, so you know you can rely on the quality of any unit you purchase from Hydrofire. Just to ensure you sleep well at night, they come with a 2 year warranty too.

Energy Source


Heating Area range

Output range

Heating Area

Output kW

22 – 27

Flue Configuration


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