Hydrofire Seville 754

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The Seville 754 is a wood-burning, cast iron insert with a large glass window which gives you a great view of the fire. The unit comes with an external convectional box and features 2 electrical built-in fans (Speed 1 (auto), Speed 2 & Off positions). The fans are automatically activated when the unit is under fire and hot convection air is then circulated into the room. It’s also possible to circulate hot air into other rooms with 2 hot air ducts.

The Seville 754 features secondary combustion which aids with environmentally friendly emissions and a Glass Cleaning Air Wash System. A lever controls a damper to aid with flue draft control, which results in less fuel usage and better combustion control. A primary air control manages air flow to the combustion chamber. There is a removable cast iron grate and an ash pan. The combustion chamber comfortably loads 40cm logs.

This unit can be ordered with an ‘optional extra’ trim (cover) around the face, which finishes off the look of the installation.

Imported from Spain, boasts a strict CE certification and comes with a 5 year limited guarantee.

Weight 146.5 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 46 × 69.7 × 55 cm


Output kW


Energy Source

Flue Configuration


Flue Width

180 mm


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