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Hydrofire Mega Max

R8,999.00 R8,099.00

The Mega Max is a deeper and wider version of the extremely popular Deluxe L. It comes with the same modern design features; a larger window and a small increase in kW output when compared.

The Mega Max comes with Primary and Secondary air and an air intake vent on the door which allows you to control the air circulation to the combustion chamber. There is an air wash glass cleaning system which helps keep your glass cleaner for longer. The combustion chamber is lined with vermiculite firebrick and comfortably loads 38cm logs. There is a removable cast iron grate and a separate ash drawer to aid in easy cleaning.

The Mega Max is suited to heating a medium sized area.

Imported from Bulgaria, boasts a strict CE certification and comes with a 2 year limited guarantee.

Weight 77 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 49.7 × 48.4 × 81 cm
Output kW


Output range

Heating Area

Energy Source

Flue Width

150 mm

Flue Configuration





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