Hydrofire masonry Maribor braai


The Maribor barbecue is a classic, lightweight-concrete barbecue that comfortably caters for 12 guests at one time. It features an inner metal hood for added protection which allows for the use of both wood and charcoal. The grill is chrome-plated; features 2 handles for convenient use and can be adjusted to multi-level heights. The worktop, and SAFE GRILL are pre-coloured in a liquorice coloured compound and the rest can be customized with Sarom quartz coating (not included). There is a base with a shelf below for storing extra charcoal and braai pans. The base comes with 1 guide for inserting a shelf or for storing your grill and wood for when you just want ambient flames.

This high quality product is designed for outdoor cooking and entertainment. It combines a great appearance with functionality, convenience and durability, even with frequent use and hot fires. With masonry you don’t have to worry about rusting metal or maintenance. The braai doesn’t need to be painted, and it is wear and weather resistance. It features a ‘push-fit system’ where panels fit against each other and assembly on site is very easy. Adhesive glue is used between the fitted panels of the barbecue and needs to be purchased separately. There is no need for a builder as no masonry work is required. The barbecue requires a location where the foundation is very stable and level. Assembly instructions are included.

An ‘optional extra’ barbecue cover can be ordered with your masonry barbecue.

The masonry barbecue is imported from Italy and comes with a 1 year limited guarantee.

Weight 367 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 64 × 114 × 215.5 cm
Energy Source


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