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Fireplace User Set

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The perfect all-in-one, fireplace user gift set! It includes useful gadgets that help you get the most efficient use out of your fireplace, and the most optimal heat out of your fuel by making sure that you are burning dry wood.

What’s inside the bag?

A digital moisture meter with a high-resolution LCD screen. Use it to measure the moisture content of the wood you are buying so that your fire burns well, with less smoke and soot. A closed combustion fireplace needs to be fuelled with dry, well-seasoned wood with an ideal moisture content between 15 and 18%. For more information on the Moisture Meter click here.

A Stove-Pro flue thermometer. Use it to monitor and regulate the temperature of your wood burning fireplace. Efficient operation with the ideal burn rate of your closed combustion fireplace lies between 110 degrees and 250 degrees Celsius. Maximise the lifespan of your fireplace by avoiding ‘over firing’ and premature damage to your fireplace through running your fireplace too hot. Save on wood consumption. For more information on the Stove-Pro Magnetic Flue Thermometer click here.

A Stove-Pro fan improves the efficiency of any closed combustion fireplace by gently pushing the heat rising from the top of the fireplace forward and into the room. The fan is powered using electricity generated by the heat created from your fireplace. This efficient fan is practically silent when running and moves air at 3m per minute. The Stove-Pro fan is especially useful when your freestanding fireplace is installed within the hearth of an existing brick chimney. For more information on the Stove-Pro Fan click here.

(Gift bag colours and designs may vary to the one shown in the image).

Dimensions (depth x width x height) 11.8 × 25.5 × 31.6 cm