Earthfire – White small


The White ceramic fireplace features a translucent, pure, orchid white glaze in a high gloss finish. It’s a bold statement piece suited to all decorative moods and interiors, whether modern, stark, traditional, classical or Victorian.

It comes plain and without decoration, but it can also be pre-ordered with 2 extra decoration options: African Mask or Japanese Medallion in bronze. The decoration is in the same finish as the background. Any other custom decorations are done at an additional fee. Special colours and logos can be supplied to hotels, restaurants and lodges for orders of five or more.

This Proudly South African product is ‘made to order’. It’s created out of specially formulated clay that won’t crack from uneven heating caused by a hot fire, nor will it rust, smoke or smell. It’s also impervious to thermal shock. The advantage of installing a ceramic fireplace is in its amazing ability to radiate heat and stay hot for up to two hours after the fire has gone out. It consumes about 3-4 logs every 45-60 minutes, and it is best fuelled with seasoned, dry wood or charcoal. The wood is burnt to a very fine ash that doesn’t smell and the ash only requires removal every 2-3 weeks. The handmade building and glazing process ensures that no two pots are alike; small birthmarks are the norm and simply add to the character of your ceramic fire pot. The colour distribution differs from pot to pot, making each one a unique ceramic artwork.

The pot comes with a sealing kit and is available in 2 sizes. The stand is not included and all accessories are extra. Sold locally, but also exported abroad to the USA, Germany, Australia and the UK. Each pot is numbered and comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 45 × 45 × 61 cm


Energy Source

Flue Width

125 mm



Flue Configuration


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