Installation Special

Our Installation Special applies to a standard single story installation only. It’s an Installation Special, because the installation is discounted by GC Fires as part of a package deal which includes the fireplace, 4.5m flue kit and single story installation mentioned below. It fits most single story houses and includes a 4.5m flue kit (suitable for a single story house with a ceiling height of 2.6m and an average total height of 4.6m to the apex of the roof). It includes the cost of the fireplace and the flue kit (with a bell cowl), as well as delivery and installation. Any flue parts quoted and paid for, but not used during the installation will be refunded in full to you by GC Fires. However, in the unforeseen event that we require an extra piece of flue, then this will have to be paid for by you as an extra above the cost of the Installation Special. Bends, floorplates and storm cowls are not included, and are ‘extra order’ items that need to be paid for on top of the cost of the Installation Special.

In order for the Installation Special to apply to you, you will be required to send us photographs. One photograph of the inside of your house of the area where the fireplace is to be installed – showing ceiling and floor. The other should be of the outside of your house showing the side of the house where the flue will exit. (An overview shot will suffice and it is not necessary for you to climb up on your roof). House plans showing height elevations are always welcome as an added extra, however photographs are compulsory. You can email or WhatsApp them to us, or send them with your online website order.
Our Installation Specials are only valid for the larger Cape Town area. Please contact us to check if you are uncertain about whether you fall within this area and whether the installation special applies to you. If you are outside the Cape Town area, the Installation Special doesn’t apply to you. We will help you find an installer in your area; however we will be unable to guarantee the installation cost, as it varies from installer to installer.

We offer a 1 year limited guarantee on ‘workmanship’. We have 4 installation teams permanently employed at GC Fires, so for your installation it means that the project can be overseen from start to finish all under one roof with The GC Fires Team.