Hydronic Fireplaces

Most of us would like to be living independently and off the grid, especially with the cost of living and with unreliable service delivery. A hydronic central heating system is an asset to your home and gets you one step closer to living self-sufficient.

A hot water hydronic system, linked in a series loop, is used to circulate cold and hot water through a series of hydronic connections between the aqueduct pipes, the terminal units and the boiler fireplace. Cold water is fed into the existing water jacket cavity within the boiler stove’s walls through an aqueduct. Heat, which is produced from the wood fire, is radiated from the combustion chamber into the water within the water jacket of the stove. This heated water then circulates out of the water jacket cavity and flows through the hydronic system, its gauges and safety valves. Water then passes through the manifolds which circulate the heated water to radiators and these radiators then heat the various rooms in the house or office though radiation.

In this way, a central heating system consisting out of a wood burning boiler fireplace with a hydronic system and radiators can be used to heat your entire home or office. It’s an eco-friendly choice that saves you on electricity and heating costs.

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