Spartherm is one of Europe’s largest producers of steel insert cassettes and freestanding fireplaces. Spartherm has a reputation for premium fireplaces that incorporate a variety of modern and innovative designs. The brand also combines the latest environmentally friendly combustion technology for optimal fuel usage. They produce over 60 000 stoves and inserts annually for export to 50 countries. Spartherm combines technical quality with combustion technology and design innovation to offer perfect functionality in a quality product.

Ultramodern production processes are used, but most components are made traditionally by hand. Spartherm’s own factory cuts, polishes, galvanises and enamels their products, and the fireplaces meet Germany’s renowned DIN standards.
Spartherm is famous for their LINEAR standard cassette inserts, which come in five sizes and fit into almost any surround. They make it easy to bring new life to your old hearth. The cassettes are very well sealed, which improves the flue’s draft, and are five times more heat efficient than an open fireplace but use three times less wood!

In the freestanding range, the Ambiente A8 has optional heat storage elements and is rotatable from 90˚ to 180˚. It makes for an eye-catching central installation that can be rotated to face your entertainment area. The cylindrical Passo S and Passo XS are best suited for corner installations.

Spartherm fireplaces are imported from Germany and come with a five-year limited warranty.

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