For 50 years, Palazzetti has led the Italian market in wood-burning stoves, ovens, barbecues and pellet burners, with cutting-edge technology, high aesthetic standards and a focus on eco-friendly designs from renewable energy sources. Their pellet stoves are fully automatic and programmable, quick to load and ensure many hours of autonomous operation with significant energy savings. With the Palazzetti app, some models can even be controlled from your mobile phone.

Fireplaces such as the Erica have a refractory accumulating element that stores and radiates heat for up to ten hours. Other popular wood-burning models are the Nicole, with its very large window, and the freestanding Dianna. The Malu, Cesare and Allegro pellet burners have built-in fans. Ecofire insert units like the Small 54 insert offers ducting possibilities, as do the Denise, Ginger and Ecomonoblocco 16:9 insert. The narrow, space-saving, pellet-burner Ginger and Denise are good for smaller spaces.

Their famous pellet-fuelled Everspring air conditioning system can be connected to your hydronic pellet burner and heating/cooling system to distribute hot or cold air. Hydronic models such as the Anita and Ginger can be connected to your heating system.

A pellet burner is both an investment in a lifestyle and in state-of-the-art technology that saves on traditional heating costs and major masonry work. Installation is non-invasive and the stainless steel flue kit is much cheaper than a closed-combustion fireplace. Add Italian style and vivid colour options to these features, and Pallazzetti is an unbeatable choice.

Palazzetti is imported from Italy and has a two-year limited warranty.

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