Lacunza is a popular European fireplace brand which is manufactured in Spain and sold internationally. They offer freestanding and insert models manufactured out of cast iron or steel. Some fireplaces models feature convection heating and forced hot air ventilation.

The Lacunza brand is designed, manufactured and marketed with a clear focus on innovation and with care of the environment. They have an eye on the future and the creation of wealth and economic development in the local areas of manufacture in Navarra, Spain.

Fireplaces are engineered with the most sophisticated design technologies available. Virtual parts and assemblies are modelled, and the drawings and files needed for production are extracted from them. Fireplaces are tested in a laboratory fully equipped to rate and test their performance against some of the most demanding energy-efficiency tests carried out in Europe.

Lacunza fireplaces are designed for maximum energy efficiency and are manufactured to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint during their use.