This Proudly South African product is ‘made to order’ from specially formulated clay that won’t crack from uneven heating caused by a very hot fire, nor will it rust, smoke or smell. The advantage of installing a ceramic fireplace is in its amazing ability to radiate heat and stay hot for up to two hours after the fire has gone out. The secret to its efficiency lies in the thermal capacity of the clay body which is also impervious to thermal shock as the clay does not expand or contract once the pot has been fired.

Its fuel consumption is 3-4 logs every 45-60 minutes and it is best fuelled with seasoned, dry wood or charcoal. This pot is optimised for a strong chimney draw due to the ratio between the mouth size and the chimney size. The wood is burnt to a very fine ash that doesn’t smell and only requires removal every 2-3 weeks.

The pots glaze features a crackle effect due to the process of Raku or “fire magic”, a Japanese method of glaze firing. The pot is fired twice during which it’s rapidly brought to 1000°Celsius. The pot is then immediately removed from the kiln and plunged into wood shavings while still glowing. It is then doused with water while still at about 750°Celsius. The glazes are metallic deposits caused by reduction of a metal oxide (oxygen starvation during firing). Immersion in sawdust imprints carbon into all the hairline surface crackle of the shock-cooled glaze.

Traditionally Raku firing is a very time-consuming process; however Earthfire’s method enables them to manufacture the world’s first ‘production Raku units’. Although the ceramic pots are produced in quantity, the colour distribution and the glaze crackle differ from pot to pot, making each one a unique ceramic artwork. Earthfire is one of 2 manufacturers worldwide that manufacture using this specific Raku method and technique.

A ‘Proudly South African’ product that is sold locally and is also exported abroad to the USA, Germany, Australia and the UK. Each pot is numbered and comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

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