Earthfire produces a variety of ceramic products, including exotic glazed fireplace pots, portable countertop pizza ovens and fire pits.

Specially formulated clay impervious to thermal shock is used for their pots, so they won’t crack when exposed to fire, nor do they smoke or smell. Fuelled with dry wood or charcoal, only a very fine, odourless ash remains after burning. A freestanding ceramic fireplace is a unique heating solution for your home, and the pot’s decoration can be tailor-made to match your interior. Ceramic pots are a beautiful alternative to cast iron and plate steel fireplaces, and they come in an array of bright glazes, including white, blue, green, red and pewter. Every pot is numbered and has great efficiency and incredible heat output. Although the ceramic pots are produced in quantity, the colour distribution and glaze effect differs from pot to pot, making each one unique.

If you want to own a ‘truly unique piece of art’, you can ‘special order’ a Raku fired pot with a crackle effect in the final glaze finish. Although Raku pots are no longer manufactured as a daily standard by Earthfire, the company did perfect the technique by manufacturing the world’s first ‘production raku units’. The most popular colours are the white and the blue raku pots, as they highlight the raku crackle-effect or ‘fire magic’ glaze the best. Your ‘special order’ pot will be worth the wait and added cost.

The remarkable countertop pizza oven is a portable oven that comes with all the tools you’ll need and has a 30-minute warm-up time. The bottom half of the oven has a stainless steel grid that can be used as a portable braai, but when you pop the lid on it becomes a kettle braai or smoker. The Earthfire pizza stone can be used on an open flame, on an element or as a baking stone in a gas or electric oven. Why get stuck in the kitchen when you can prepare pizza at the table?

The Fire Pit is very well priced and is so safe that you can make a fire and braai on your wooden deck. Its metallic glaze is ever-changing, with new bronze patterns developing with every fire. The Campfire is a smaller, portable version, perfect for camping or having sundowners on the coast. It comes in its own handy travel box.

Earthfire is manufactured in South Africa and comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

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