The GC Fires story

Meet Gertjan, the proud owner of GC Fires, and view the video to learn how the GC Fires story started.

At GC Fires we love to deliver warmth and cosiness to your home: we offer sales and installation of a wide range of freestanding and built-in, closed combustion fireplaces, as well as pellet stoves, ceramic fire pots, portable pizza ovens, portable braais, built-in braais, stainless steel flue kits and all the necessities. We also sell and install gas fireplaces, gas ovens and gas hobs, with in-house certified installers available to do site inspections for gas and COC certificates for residential gas installations.

Okay … So you might be asking, what sets GC Fires apart from all the other suppliers? View this video for the answer.

Our company is special because we provide a full service to our customers under one roof. We have four permanent, highly-skilled installation teams on duty and a total staff body of 17 members. We don’t use third party installers for your installation, so we work with you from start to finish. Our teams are used to working in clients’ homes and will cover your floors and protect your furniture to provide a clean and professional installation. We prefer to be the last people in on a building or renovation project, leaving your home exactly as we found it. With Dutch ownership, we provide a high standard of service with a focus on service excellence. We have a truly fantastic after-sales service and customer care department.

Here’s Gertjan talking about our work ethos and the GC Fires culture.

We strive to make the process of buying and installing a fireplace for your home as uncomplicated as possible. Knowledgeable, friendly staff are always ready to help you select the most suitable fireplace for your home and budget. We have brought together 20 years of excellence in client service and 25 years of experience in fireplace installation!

And what lies ahead? In this last segment, Gertjan talks about the future of GC Fires.