We are SAQCC qualified and authorized practitioners and all our installations are done according to the SABS SANS 10087 safety rules.

All our installations are done by our own certified in-house gas installation teams, who deliver a neat, safe and professional installation.

A Certificate of Compliance is compulsory for all our new installations; however we also issue a COC’s for existing installations, once we have checked them and they are installed according to the safety regulations.

We have set prices for standard installations. Installations with more than 1 appliance are quoted on request.

Kindly submit photographs so that we can confirm the prices, quote you and schedule a site visit or installation.

  • Single gas appliance (1 cylinder installed in a kitchen cupboard and a maximum of 3m of piping included) = R 1,780.00 + R 400.00 for the COC.
  • Single gas appliance (1 or 2 cylinders installed outside and a maximum of 5m of piping included) = R 2,800.00 + R 400.00 for the COC.
  • Multiple gas appliances (cylinders installed outside) – request a quote.
  • Site visit to certify an existing installation = R 450.00. If no work is to be done then the issuing of the COC is R 400.00. Total = R850.00

All the piping and fitting is included. Cylinders are excluded. Cylinder storage cages are an optional extra with an additional cost.

Are you a certified gas installer?

Yes, we are. We are a certified gas installer for residential gas installations only (we are not certified for commercial gas installations). We have skilled installation teams who are permanently employed with us to facilitate our gas installations.

Do you service all gas appliances?

We only service gas appliances that we have sold and supplied. If we did not supply you with your gas appliance then we recommend that you contact the dealer that supplied it to you.

How often do I have to have my gas appliance serviced?

You have to have it serviced every 5 years. The ‘pig tails’ or rubber hoses that connect the cylinder to the regulator have to be replaced.

What information can I give you to speed up the process of my gas installation quote?

Please provide us with this information:

  • Do you have any existing gas installations on site already?
  • Do you have an existing COC (Certificate of Compliance) for your existing gas installations?
  • Photographs of inside where you would like your gas installation
  • Photographs close up and further away showing where your gas bottle is or where you want your gas bottle to be installed
Will I be charged for a site visit?

Yes, you will charge according to the distance travelled to the area you live in. We charge a standard set rate for closer neighbourhoods. We are based in Somerset West, Cape Town.