Central Heating

With a single fireplace, you can heat a single room but with central heating you can heat your entire house. Using a special fireplace, called a boiler fireplace or hydronic fireplace, you can convert some of the heat that is generated in hot water. This hot water is used to heat your house and is called a hydronic heating system. There are different ways of achieving this but all systems have a few things in common:

  1. Heat sources; the first choice that needs to be made is what fuel you want your fireplace to run on. Wood is the most cost-effective option, or pellets which have the biggest advantage that it gives you much more autonomy because pellet fireplaces can run up to several days without having to be refilled.
  2. Heat emitters, this is about how you are going to deliver the heat into the different rooms of your home. You can choose to go for wall mounted radiators or underfloor heating or a combination of both.
  3. Do you want/need to install a buffer tank? Buffer tanks add to the total cost of a central heating system significantly but as the name says it allows you to “buffer” energy eg store heat for later when you need it. This will make the system more efficient as you can spread the energy load more evenly. If you consider adding more heat sources like gas and/or solar or choose underfloor heating then a buffer tank becomes almost non-negotiable.

In addition to heating your home, you can also use it to supply your hot water. This can be installed directly or at a later stage. Hydronic heating systems are also very suitable to be combined with solar heating and gas geysers offering complete “off the grid” solutions.

You can have a look under the FAQ category for more information however eventually and hydronic heating system needs to be designed for your specific needs. Please contact us for more information or a quote to design your hydronic heating system.

What types of hydronic installations do you install?

We design and install underfloor heating, solar, heat pumps, central heating by radiators with hydronic tanks systems. Underfloor heating is best installed as part of a full renovation or while the house is being built. The rest can be done afterwards. We also install water purification systems for households.  Contact us for a quote and we will help you design the ideal system for your home.

Do I need to install a full hydronic system straight away?

No, the system is modular, so you can add on to it slowly in stages overtime.

What information do I need to submit for my hydronic installation quote?  

You will need to submit your current floor plans and current elevation plans. Photographs are also welcome.

Can I use a Hydronic fireplace as a normal fireplace?

No, you can’t. A hydronic fireplace is designed with a special water jacket around the combustion chamber into which the heat is radiated. It is not designed to be installed without a water connection, as this will result in a cracked and damaged hydronic fireplace body.

How does central heating connect to your fireplace?

It connects to the municipal water mains or to a tank which is connected to manifolds.