LPG Gas installations

We are making any LPG gas installation an easy and smooth process.

All our installations are done by qualified staff that will do a neat and professional installation. We are SAQCC qualified authorized practitioners which means all installations are done according to the SABS SANS 10087 rules for your safety.

A Certificate of Compliance is standard for all our new installations and we can also issue COC for all existing installations.

We have standard prices for our standard installations and can quote upon request for more complicated installations with for example more than 1 appliances.

Submit a few pictures and we will confirm the prices and schedule your installation or site visit.

  1. Site visit to certify an existing installation. R 450.00
  2. If no work is to be done the issuing of the COC is R 400.00
  3. Single gas appliance with 1 cylinder installed in a kitchen cub board. (maximum 3m of piping included) R 1,780.00 + R 400.00 for the COC
  4. Single gas appliance with 1 or 2 cylinders installed outside (maximum 5m of piping included) R 2,800.00 + R 400.00 for the COC
  5. Multiple gas appliances with cylinders installed outside (by individual quote only)
  6. Commercial installations like restaurants and hotels (by individual quote only)

Included are all piping and fitting but excluded are cylinders and any cages to store the cylinders. Prices are an indication and can differ in individual cases.